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Total Health Is A Nutritional Supplement That Is At Least As Effective As Any Drug And Much Safer


It costs a tiny fraction of what doctors, drugs and surgeries do. View my video at: And Total Health is one I particularly recommend because I’ve seen it work with thousands of men. Should you read any one of the testimonials on my site then you will see many of them testify to having shrunken the prostate and dealt with the problem of getting up at night, hesitancy, leaking, and urgency.

In addition, I state in my guide the research on the ingredients in “Total Health” suggests that it can also help in reducing the possibilities of developing Prostate Cancer. It might even, in conjunction with the appropriate diet as outlined in my guide, slow its progress.  You could also get my guide for nothing. Should you buy three bottles of Total Health or more here, you can get the guide free.

Below is an extract describing Total Health from my guide. Total Health which combines an enormous dose of Beta Sitosterol with numerous other ingredients that assist the Prostate including all the Vitamins and Minerals which are also suitable for overall health. This is the most important single supplement I’d personally advocate to all men over fifty.

Total Health could be ideal for:

•General Health

•improving the health of sexual organs

•increasing energy levels

•guarding against prostate and breast cancer

•promoting longevity

•retarding the ageing process

One can find Multi-Vitamin and Multi-mineral formulas in plenty in every department or local health store and of course online. They vary tremendously in price and also in quality. Most people don’t know how to assess the relative quality of a supplement, so they rely on the company or they purchase at their comfort/price level.

The important criteria to make a comparative assessment includes for example that most formulas could have Vitamin E in the synthetic form of Alpha D Tocopherol. Total Health contains Vitamin E as mixed tocopherols that is a more expensive but also is way more efficient. For example analysis that demonstrated that mixed tocopherols along with selenium cuts down on the risk of contracting Prostate cancer may not produce that result if one substituted the synthetic alternative.   In the same way, almost all mineral formulations incorporate only a couple of the most popular minerals. It is essential to obtain the full selection of about 18-20 minerals. When it comes to Total Health, they’re not only all there, they are also in the costlier Chelated form making them more bio-available. Additionally it is important to obtain a formula that doesn’t skimp on the dosage in an effort to reduce the ticket price.

I recommend the “Total Health Formula” by the Nutrition and health Institute since it features natural nutrients along with the full selection of minerals plus it on top of that and exclusively contains a range of nutrients that support the health of the sexual organs which you will never find in any other multi-vitamin formula. To illustrate it includes an overwhelming 750mg of mixed plant sterols including 90% Beta Sitosterol. This, besides many other advantages particularly in regard to the health of the Prostate – minimizes cholesterol levels. Total Health also contains Quercetin and Acetyl-L-Carnitine which all help to maintain a healthy prostate in men. Curcummin is a valuable anti-inflamatory agent and Ellagic acid is a powerful anti-cancer agent. That makes “Total Health” an incredibly comprehensive formulation unequalled by any other I have seen. Since the formula does contain many nutrients it comes in five large Vegetable capsules per day, 150 capsules per bottle. Vegicaps are easier to digest. Total Health not only gives you more quality and variety of nutrients, it is really also great value for money. Check out my video at:

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