Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Philippines Travel Guide – “Philippines Insider” the Ultimate Guide

“Philippines Insider”, the ultimate Philippines Travel Guide, gives you ALL of the detailed “inside” information from a 15 year veteran Find out every strategy, tip, secret, technique, method, and tactic that I have learned from 15 years of being “on the inside” in the Philippines. [Read more]  Read More →

A Taste of Hungary Recipe Ebook

Discover the culinary treasures of this exotic nation, Hungary, and spice up family eatings with recipes from the ebook. I think it is exciting! It has a lot of great recipes, and beautiful photographs. My father was born in Budapest. His family owned and ran the Bodo Coffeehouse in the early 1900’s, where they served this style food . [Read more]  Read More →

Thai Girls Revealed. Uncover The Secrets Of Thai Girls!

To celebrate that I have successfully sold this book 5 years in row, I have deactivated all payment links on this site and are giving this ebook away for free for one week. How awesome is that My way of giving back I guess.. Anyway, ENJOY! If you are seeing this text now – that means you made it in time and can download the ebook for for free. Submit your name and email above. Enjoy! [Read... [Read more]

Move Abroad in 30 Days

"Discover The Ultimate Guide To Moving Abroad In 30 Days. Everything From Making The Decision To Move Right Through To Living In Your Dream Country." Moving abroad it often a dream to many, many people. The idea that you can enjoy the sunshine for most of the year, have cheap food and most of all have this wonderful slow pace of life is appealing. [Read more]  Read More →

MY IMMIGRATION CONSULTANT-Immigration > Canada Immigration

Announcing "My Immigration Consultant", the easiest and the most cost efficient way to Immigrate to ... [Read more]

Motorbike Licence Vietnam – Vietnam motorcycle licence in 7 easy steps!

My Step-By-Step Guide Will Help You Cut Through All The Red Tape — Saving You Time, effort, And Frustration! In addition, it’s not always convenient to walk or take the bus. So motorbikes are the vehicle of choice for many locals — and expats. [Read more]  Read More →

RV Checklist

After almost 6 years of fulltiming, I am often asked for tips to help the newbie hit the road. I believe following a checklist is an important part of the process. It’s always a good idea to review safety steps no matter how many times you’ve performed them. I share things learned... [Read more]

Work & Travel Australia – 33 Secrets You Must Know

"Hi, I’m Susanne. Several years ago I was just like you. I was 25 years old, curious about that place they call OZ on the other side of the world and thinking about the adventure of a lifetime. I backpacked and worked in Australia for over six years. . . now Australia is my home forever and I’m going to reveal to you the secrets that will guarantee you work, save you weeks of research... [Read more]

Insiders Guide To Hotel Secrets: Save Thousands Of Dollars On Hotel Travel With These Hotel Insider Secrets

I didn’t realize any of the hotel secrets I was carrying were so valuable until one day when I was at a party and I was talking to a friend who was getting ready to go on a trip. She knew I had worked in the hotel industry and she asked me if I could get her a good deal on a room. I started sharing these same secrets with her and by the time I got done talking I realized that all 20 people in the... [Read more]

Cheap Things to Do In Cancun

From the moment you arrive in Cancun, until the moment you leave, every person whose path you cross, wants one thing Your money. And trust me, they will get it if you’re not prepared. They take advantage of people just like you everyday. These guys are experts at separating you from your money. We all underestimate them and it is a critical mistake. [Read more]  Read More →

eBooks for the Traveler by Roundabout Publications

Roundabout Publications is a small publishing company located in the heartland of America. We have been publishing travel books for nearly two decades and take pride in our work. We strive to provide you with a unique selection of travel books and exceptional customer service. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.... [Read more]