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A Short History Of The Redfield Scope Company


The Redfield Company has a very reputable and distinguished history that started around 100 years ago and was founded by John Redfield. As they are today, 100 years ago Redfield rifle scopes were ranked among the best out there.

During his time, many thought of him as a genius and was compared to other innovators in the field like Samuel Colt or Ruger. Even though this great man died about sixty years hence, his products and scopes and still being produced and used by sportsmen of today.

He was born in Oregon and was amongst eight other children in his family. He had a special love for hunting and outdoor activities that brought along excitement and adventure. He had the opportunity to visit many of the great states of America in his youth and eventually became a lawman earning the bullet wounds to prove so. He eventually took a job as being a hunter for the crews of Northern Pacific Railroad hunting meat for them.

After many years, he eventually found his way back to Oregon and started a business as a gunsmith. However, he was a man who had a heart for traveling and once hearing about the mining that was going on in the state of Colorado, he relocated the whole family to Denver. It was in Denver that he invented a very famous rock drill at the time. After some time went by, he started a gun sight company making scopes in a little shop behind his home. He and his son during the First World War make advanced scopes and sights for special army units.

The year 1944 saw the death of Mr. Redfield, after his death his son took over the family business. Much advancement took place with their scopes like an internal adjustment using one piece of tubing.

Nevertheless, as time and competition increased it took its toll on the company and in the 1990’s shut their doors. However, this did not last forever since in the year 2008 the Leupold and Stevens Company bought the plans and trademark name with plans to start making them again.

As strange as it seems it was as if these two different companies had the destiny to join together and make scopes. Mainly because they launched their companies around the same time and even state.

The newest offering made by Leupold is the Revolution, and it is a class act. Lightweight, low cost, and designed to withstand the kind of rigorous treatment that any scope may hav to take, the Revolution scopes from Leupold are a sight for sore eyes to hunters all over the United States.

They are built in the United States of America, which means that the Revolution scopes are a great sight for American hunters. The cost of such a product will range from $129 to $209 with some scopes have state of the art optics and features with them.

Redfield Revolution scopes have the Illuminator Lens system or the Rapid Target Acquisition eyepiece. These capabilities will offer the hunter better viewing to bring down the game and bring it home. It’s Good To have Redfield Scopes Back!

Learn more about Redfield ccopes. Stop by Scott Peters’s site where you can find out all about Redfield rifle scopes and what they can do for you.

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2 Responses to “A Short History Of The Redfield Scope Company”
  1. Mike Rogers says:

    This was a good article but questions remain . Apparently, another company took over Redfield when it closed in 1998. Meade produced Redfield scopes and others for some time untill Leupold & Stevens , Inc bought all rights in 2008 . So who covers any warranties that may exist for Redfield up to 1998 ( Meade says they don’t /will not ) or from 1998-2008 ( again L & S says they don’t and is Meade around to still honor anything ) ? That makes 3 very distinct production periods to concern our selves with for any who wish to get service /repairs/ replacements on Redfield items . Redfield was ( and once again is ) a great product but somebody needs to step up ( Leupold&Stevens??? ) and offer some sort of services on Redfield ‘s produced prior to 2008 . Maybe a reduced or scaled down service rate that would cover service/repair/replacement for older items and a path to upgrade to a newer fully warrantied item . That would be Great !!

  2. jim says:

    Are you nuts? Why does anyone have to “step up”, and pay for the product repairs for a company no longer in business? Meade, et al, never “took over” Redfield….they acquired the name, and the tools to make the product. That is all. The Redfield company was not bought by anyone…if they were, it would make your position borderline tenable. As it is (was), no one is responsible for products made at the Denver Redfield plant.

    As for the article…it really sucks. It is more a brief article about John Redfield, and barely touches on the period from 1956 to 1998, which was Redfields heyday.

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